NEO Center

Kincaid Henry partnered with the NEO Center, a private business incubator group, and the Ingham County Land Bank to create a one-of-a-kind building and alliance in the Mid Michigan region.

Kincaid Henry converted this formerly tax forclosed, Land Bank owned abandoned 1913 building full of long forgotten items. The building is located in the middle of a residential area on Lansing's North side. The building, originally built as an industrial bakery, then used as a print shop for 60 years, was well beyond it's glory days and was in need of major renovation and structural repairs.

Kincaid Henry went all-out on this buildings' redevelopment. The now Class A, SERF Green Certified, office building with a twist boasts a spiral slide in the main lobby from the top floor, a workout room, multiple conference/meeting rooms throughout, and shared break rooms and flexible space. The building is one of our best examples yet of urban redevelopment and creative 'green' strategies. Steel "I" beams, removed from the structure of the building that were in place for supports of the printers, were reused for the buildings signage, the covered awning over the back entrances, the structural supports on the new open stairwell, the back patio off Kincaid Henry's offices and even the reception desk inside Kincaid Henry's office space. There was an addition off the back of the building that was taken down, piece by piece, and we reused all of the block to repair the main building, reused the wood maple flooring to patch holes left by the printing presses, reused the sub flooring for the landings in the stairwell, and reused the steel for the building as well. We also reused two of the buildings garage doors back into the finished space for NEO's staff office and a storage mezzanine in Kincaid Henry's space.

This highly efficient building includes open cell spray foam, energy efficient lighting, daylight throughout, a concrete parking lot and energy efficient windows.

NEO Center
Kincaid Henry Building Group
Year Built: 
934 Clark St